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About the Malvern Memorial cabin's history

Honoring a rich local history

The Malvern Memorial Cabin lies directly inline and just 1/3 mile east of the monument and grave of the brave soldiers who perished in the massacre of General Wayne’s Troops on the Paoli Battlefield. This battle occurred four days after the Battle of the Clouds fought just two miles to the south and where the colonial troops made an orderly retreat across this very location.

A World War II Hero

During World War II, Malvern gave to it’s country a fine and promising young man who, among other things, had been an outstanding Scout in the Malvern Troop. His name was Richard LaRue.

As a memorial to Richard, his parents, Bertha and Larry LaRue, donated their son’s matured Building and Loan note, the amount of which was $1,000 in 1956, as the initial gift for the construction of the Memorial Cabin. Over the years the number of people and companies who’ve supported the Memorial Cabin from the initial construction through to recent preservation efforts are too many to list in this brochure, however, they are all honored on the site and in the building itself.


The Memorial Cabin was dedicated on Saturday, September 20th, 1958 on the 181st anniversary of the Paoli Massacre.


A few images of our activities at the cabin

Little known facts...

Here are just a few interesting details about our cabin's construction.

Construction Details

The cabin is constructed using round poles with German notch technique at the corners. The central log was sourced from an 1840s bank torn down at the time.

Truss and Wind Vane

A unique truss was used to provide support to the second floor but also to connect the roof windvane to a wrought iron arrow indicator in the main room.

Interior Spaces

There is a main room with restored walk-in hearth, adjacent kitchen, and bathroom. There are two meeting spaces upstairs and a basement workshop.

Memorial Hearth

In 2006 Jeff McQuiston restored the original walk-in style hearth and installed a modern wood stove for safe use. The historic hearth is dedicated to Jeff’s dad.

What the Malvern Memorial Cabin means to the community

A Youth Community Center

Peak Encounter Ministries ( hold retreats for youth and young adults at the cabin several times a year.

The Memorial Cabin has served as home to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, a Women’s support group, and a Troop just for Scouts on the autism spectrum.

A Local Icon

The cabin grounds are popular for picnicking and events. Frequently one sees families and newlyweds taking photos with the cabin as a backdrop.

On the spacious grounds one can find:

  • Stadium style seating around a campfire pit with podium
  • A large pavilion with picnic table seating
  • The newly installed and soon to be dedicated Eagle Scout Patio